Mayor of Lviv: thanks to Polish help we can provide shelters for refugees

200,000 refugees from various parts of Ukraine affected by the war have found a temporary safe haven in Lviv, western Ukraine.

According to Mayor Sadovy, the shipping containers repurposed as living quarters, which have been provided by the government of neighbouring Poland, can offer temporary accommodation to ca. 850 people.

According to the website “Ukrayinska Pravda”, each container can house two-to-four people, and is equipped with all the basic necessities. The city plans to use the containers mainly to accommodate students, who have fled from war-torn parts of the country.

Within the next week, the municipal authorities of Lviv intend to expand the refugee camp, which the Mayor has called “ the largest temporary refugee centre in the world” to accommodate another 1,000 people. The next step will be to build two-storey wooden cottages to house mainly pregnant women and children.

Located in the western part of the country, Lviv offers relative safety away from the frontlines. According to the municipal authorities, approximately 200,000 refugees have arrived in Lviv. This is a massive number considering the city’s peacetime population was just under 720,000. But it is expected that the number of refugees will increase in the upcoming weeks and it is estimated that about 50,000 people, mostly originating from the eastern Ukrainian region of Donbas, may opt to remain in the city after the end of hostilities precipitated by the Russian aggression against Ukraine.