Polish PM unveils 10-point plan to stop the war in Ukraine

Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovenia have drafted a 10-point list of measures the EU should carry out to end the war in Ukraine, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki told the Politico news site on Friday.

As one month had passed since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it is evident that the sanctions imposed by the West are not enough to stop Putin, stated Polish Prime Minister, adding that the knowledge of the nuclear threat from Russia cannot hold the West back, as only further decisive measures can stop Putin from escalating the conflict.

To this end, Poland the Czech Republic and Slovenia have prepared a 10-point plan for the European Union that should go a long way to put an end to the war in Ukraine, explained Prime Minister Morawiecki.

The plan proposes the EU countries:
1) cut off all Russian banks from the SWIFT payment system to effectively freeze the Russian economy,
2) grant Russian deserters asylum, so that the soldiers who refuse to fight against Ukraine can be safe,
3) stop Russian propaganda in Europe,
4) block Russian ships from EU ports,
5) freeze road transport in and out of Russia,
6) impose sanctions not only on oligarchs, but also on their entire business environment,
7) suspend visas for all Russian citizens who want to enter the EU,
8) impose sanctions on all members of the United Russia party, which supports Putin,
9) ban the export of military technologies to Russia,
10) exclude Russia from all international organisations.

“If we want to restore peace, Putin needs to know where the red line is – the line he cannot cross,” stressed Prime Minister Morawiecki.