Russia targets Poland with disinformation: security chief

Poland is the target of a Kremlin propaganda and misinformation campaign, the director of the country’s National Security Department has said.

Stanisław Żaryn said that Russia was openly lying about the war in an attempt to "infect global public opinion with its message" and that, as part of this broad campaign, Poland was in its misinformation cross-hairs.

"After Putin unleashed the war in Ukraine, the existing hostile narrative lines of Kremlin propaganda targeting our country have been expanded with more lies,” Mr Żaryn said in a statement.

These “lies” include these: the Polish government cynically takes advantage of the situation to gain importance in international politics; Poland is “Russophobic” and sets the West against Russia; Poland has hostile plans towards Ukraine and wants to occupy its western territories; Poland has been colonised by the US and the UK and is being exploited by these countries against Russia; Poland is an unreliable partner whose behaviour leads to escalation of the situation in Europe; the Polish government is putting at risk the safety of its own citizens by engaging in aid to Ukraine; the Polish government discriminates against Poles by accepting refugees from Ukraine; accepting refugees threatens the security of Poland; refugees will paralyze the Polish health care system, cause an economic crash and take jobs away from Poles.

He added the Kremlin wished at all costs to avoid being branded an aggressor, hence the Russian government's emphasis on disinformation. He said the country's most senior security services officials were in charge of such campaigns.