Polish Radio provides DAB+ frequency to Ukrainian Radio

Due to a large number of refugees from Ukraine, who fled and continue to flee to Poland as a result of Russia’s attack on their country, Polish Radio, the Polish public radio broadcaster, temporarily launched real-time transmission of the Ukrainian public radio broadcaster’s signal, through its digital transmitters in DAB+ technology. As a result, the Ukrainians staying in Poland will be able to listen to the broadcasts of their public radio station also in Poland.

Currently, digital radio transmitters in the DAB+ technology are located mainly in urban areas and along major communication routes with their signal reaching almost 70 percent of the Polish population. The DAB+ transmitter of Polish Radio in Przemyśl reaches a part of Ukraine’s territory, covering border crossings in Medyka, Korczowa and Przemyśl.

“Polish Radio is involved in helping Ukraine in every possible way. We have just made our DAB+ frequency available for “Українське Rадіо” [Ukraine public radio boradcaster]. It is another sign of our solidarity with the Ukrainian people in this dramatic situation,” Agnieszka Kamińska, head of the Polish Radio Management Board said.

“By making the frequency available, we want to reach as many Ukrainian citizens who need information in their native tongue as possible,” she added.

The head of the Polish Radio management board also stressed that “It is important that in this situation other media, including radio stations, should also come up with various initiatives addressed to our Ukrainian neighbours. This is an expression of solidarity with them and not a competitive race.”

Almost immediately after the Russian attack on Ukraine, Polish Radio Programme 1 started broadcasting special information services in Ukrainian. The broadcast is transmitted from a long wave transmitter (225kHz). It covers most of the territory of Ukraine. The possibility of reception of this radio programme is independent of the telecommunication networks in Ukraine and, in the absence of Internet access, may constitute one of the few sources of information for the Ukrainian population in wartorn regions.

Moreover, the Polish Radio External Service also broadcasts to Ukraine on the UKF frequencies thanks to the transmitters in Kyiv and nine transmitters in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

Polish Radio also made the signal of the public Ukrainian Radio available on its Internet channels. The Ukrainian Radio can be broadcasted through the Internet player of the Polish Radio and on the online website: “moje.polskieradio.pl”.

The signal of the public Ukrainian broadcaster has also been added to the “Polish Radio” free mobile application.