Top Ukrainian public TV channel available on Polish Television

Photo: TVP

In response to the need of informing Ukrainians who found refuge in Poland, and all Ukrainian-speaking residents of Poland, the Polish Television in cooperation with the Ukrainian public broadcaster UA: PBC decided to make the first Ukrainian public television programme, UA1, available on its channels.

“Polish public television is fighting against the massive Russian disinformation campaign. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, our news channel (Telewizyjna Agencja Informacyjna) went into a 24/7 work mode, delivering verified information directly from the frontlines. We are also aware of the mass of refugees arriving, so we decided to share our platforms with the first channel of the Ukrainian public broadcaster, UA1. Thanks to that, all Ukrainian citizens, who find refuge in our country, will have access to a television channel broadcast in their mother tongue. This will greatly increase their sense of security. Polish public television operates with full determination and effectiveness,” said the CEO of Polish public television, Jacek Kurski.

The AU1 programme of the Ukrainian public television UA: PBC is now available via the TVP GO application (Mobile and HbbTV applications), TVP VOD (mobile and Smart TV applications), and the TVP Stream web portal.

The above decision of Telewizja Polska results from the need to immediately and effectively support Ukrainian refugees to provide information from their native television:

- We are now thinking about the citizens of Ukraine who seek refuge in Poland and the Ukrainian diaspora who have lived in Poland for many years. We want to be with them. Ukrainian public media are a natural partner for us here - says Mateusz Matyszkowicz, member of the TVP Management Board.

Access to the content of the Ukrainian broadcaster on Polish Television will contribute to better informing Ukrainian citizens about the events in their homeland and is a step towards improving the situation of the Ukrainian-speaking community living in Poland.

Telewizja Polska makes every effort to support Ukrainian citizens and facilitate their integration, communication, and strengthen the sense of security in our country. TVP will develop cooperation with a Ukrainian partner, support UA: PBC in solidarity in the face of the Russian invasion and help colleagues from Ukrainian public television, responding to the requirements of the situation on an ongoing basis.

At the end of January 2022, Telewizja Polska concluded a framework cooperation agreement with the Ukrainian public broadcaster UA: PBC. The agreement was concluded in the face of increasing pressure on Ukraine and Polish borders, in the sense of solidarity and the need for mutual assistance between Poland and Ukraine. The agreement provides for the cooperation of both broadcasters on many levels, including trade, information exchange, and technological cooperation.

On February 25 this year, a day after the invasion of Russian troops in Ukraine, Telewizja Polska and Polish Radio issued a statement in which it expressed its support for the UA: PBC in the face of unprecedented aggression against an independent state and assured that it would make efforts to help the Ukrainian partner continue its work and providing reliable news for Ukrainian viewers, as reflected in today's decision.