Poland provides medical train and free railway travel to Ukrainians

A Polish medical train will bring wounded from Ukraine and free train travel will be provided to Ukrainian citizens, Photo: PAP

Poland has provided a special medical train that will collect the wounded from Mostyska, a town in Western Ukraine, near the Polish border, and transport them to Warsaw, to the National Hospital, which was established last year at the National Stadium for the Covid pandemic purposes. After triage, the patients will be transported to specialized hospitals.

Poland’s Chief of Staff, Michał Dworczyk said that the medical train, containing five hospital railcars and four cargo cars carrying supplies for Ukraine is currently in Przemyśl (eastern Poland). The train can carry 160 people, and the medical staff on board includes 25 doctors, nurses and paramedics, who are experienced in providing humanitarian aid in extreme situations.

Mr. Dworczyk added that the Polish National Health Service will provide medical help to all refugees in need, including basic and specialized care.

Free train travel for Ukrainian citizens in Poland

At the same time, the Polish State Railways (PKP) have announced that Ukrainian citizens carrying valid passports will be exempt from purchasing train tickets for travel in Poland for the next four weeks. The exemption applies to the second class tickets on the TLK and Intercity economy trains.

The Minister of Infrastructure, Andrzej Adamczyk said that it was an expression of solidarity with the Ukrainian nation that is deafening itself with great determination against the Russian aggression.

“It is our moral duty to help Ukrainians fleeing the war,” emphasized the Minister.

PKP has also announced that the Intercity trains between Poland and Ukraine are running as usual, according to schedule. The railways confirm that they are ready to increase the number of trains on the territory of Poland. For example, additional 20 railcars have been sent to Przemyśl (eastern Poland) to collect Ukrainian refugees.

More information for Ukrainian citizens regarding travel on Polish National Railways is available at intercity.pl