British and US troops to be stationed in southeast Poland: MoD

Almost 5,000 soldiers from America's 82nd Airborne Division will join US troops that have already been stationed in Poland for some time. The soldiers will be stationed in the southeast regions of Poland, together with the British soldiers, who have also arrived recently, Poland’s Defence Minister has announced.

US to reinforce its contingent in Poland: report

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“Soldiers of the American 82nd Division, numbering almost 5,000, will join close to 5,000 soldiers, who have already been stationed in Poland,” the ministry said.

The United States and Great Britain have both sent additional troops to Poland to shore up NATO's eastern flank in the face of a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The Minister said that additional 350 British soldiers have already arrived in the country.

NATOs alliance obligations treated seriously

Minister Błaszczak confirmed that the NATO alliance is treating its obligations seriously in the face of a potential threat.

“That fact that US forces in Poland will soon be joined by additional soldiers is on the one hand a proof that the threat occurring in the East is being treated very seriously, and on the other hand that allied obligations within the framework of the North Atlantic Alliance are also treated very seriously,” Defence Minister Mariusz Blaszczak told reporters on Saturday following his Friday talks with US Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin.

The US Department of Defence announced on Friday that the US would send a further 3,000 soldiers to Poland, having already deployed 1,700 additional troops to the country over the situation in Ukraine.