Sovereignty of Ukraine and Belarus are of strategic importance for us: President

Security, sovereignty and freedom of Ukraine and Belarus are issues of strategic importance for us; there is a deep sense of responsibility for these matters on the Polish political scene, President Andrzej Duda said on Friday after the meeting of the National Security Council.

The Council met on Friday at the Presidential Palace to discuss the current situation related to the threat of a Russian invasion of Ukraine. The meeting lasted three hours while its contents were classified.

Unity of Polish political forces on the matter

“There are no direct military threats to Poland right now, but I think we can safely say that we haven't had a situation like this since 1989,” President Duda said.

The president pointed out, however, that the situation was important for Poland, as a member of NATO and the EU in the immediate neighbourhood of Ukraine and Belarus.

He added that he was pleased to see that all political forces in Poland were showing a responsible attitude in the situation.

According to him, this atmosphere “augurs well for the future when it comes to handling Polish affairs.”

Tensions around Ukraine

At the end of last year, Russia made a number of demands on the US and NATO, calling them security guarantees. Russia demands legal guarantees of the non-enlargement of NATO, including for Ukraine; the countries of the Alliance have already ruled out the fulfilment of this demand. If the demands are not met, Moscow has announced steps, including military ones, although it does not specify what these could be.

Ukraine and Western countries believe that the concentration of troops on the Ukrainian border by Russia is intended to put pressure on Kyiv and the capitals supporting it. Military experts and Western governments speak of the real threat of Russian aggression.

Earlier in the week, President Duda discussed the crisis in a teleconference with US President Joe Biden and the leaders of Germany, France, Italy, Britain, the EU and NATO.