World News 20.01: Berlin won’t sell weapons to Ukraine, Biden under fire, gas crisis

As the world simmers with the uncertainty of what is to come next, the latest episode of World News brings a selection of the most urgent developments, i.e., Berlin’s refusal to sell weapons to Ukraine unfazed by a glaring possibility of Russian aggression on the East European state, Joe Biden finding himself under heavy fire for his comments regarding the situation in Ukraine, the gas crisis, Kazakh president’s crackdown and more.

German, Russian FMs hold ‘constructive’ talks on current affairs

German and Russian Foreign ministers met in Moscow on Tuesday, holding talks which covered most notably renewable energy and the Nord Stream 2 gas...

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Berlin continues to refuse to sell weapons to Ukraine despite the high risk of a Russian invasion. Several commentators have pointed out, however, that Germany is the world’s fourth-largest armaments exporter and sells mainly to countries from the Middle East and North Africa.

Joe Biden has come under heavy fire for his comments that the United States would impose weaker sanctions if Russia made lesser incursions into Ukraine. Several other NATO states have reassured, that Ukraine would receive full support and had the full backing of the West in THE face of potential war.

The oil crisis continues, as the price of oil rose for the fifth day in a row up to a seven-year high due to the recent missile attack on Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, Moldovia is facing a state of emergency because of the uncertain situation with Gazprom.

Kazakhstan January riots deadliest in country’s post-Soviet history

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Moving to Kazakhstan whose authorities have taken more measures to replace government officials and consolidate the power of President Kassym Jomart Tokayev. The Former Kazakh president, Nursultan Nazarbayev, was stripped of his lifetime posts, following his dismissal as head of the Security Council.

2022 was declared by Poland to be the year of Józef Mackiewicz. The influential 20th-century writer will be honoured with a range of events aiming to better familiarize people with his work.

Staying in the realm of culture, the Polish National Opera is planning a marvellous repertoire at the Warsaw Grand Theatre for this coming year. A number of new Operas and ballets will be performed including Puccini’s La Boheme, as well as works by legendary Polish artists Henryk Jarecki and Krzysztof Penderecki. The Theatre will also host a series of talks and events including the annual Moniuszko singing competition.

Wrapping up with the new coronavirus restrictions introduced in the Netherlands and how they have deeply touched people working in the culture industry. For this reason, many Dutch artists decided to take to the streets to vent their spleens for the introduction of the new rules.