PM introduces first level of cyber alert in Poland

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has introduced the first level of a terrorist threat alert in Polish cyberspace (ALFA-CRP), following an internet attack on a number of Ukrainian government sites.

Hackers attack Ukrainian government’s websites

“Hackers attacked Ukrainian government sites,” Oleg Nikolenko, the country Foreign Ministry’s spokesman, reported, adding that the attack occurred...

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It will apply throughout the country until the end of the week (Sunday, January 23, 11:59 pm), as the public administration will be obliged to conduct increased monitoring of the security of ICT systems during the course of the alert.

“The introduction of the ALFA-CRP level is of a preventive nature - it is associated with cyber attacks that have taken place in Ukraine in recent days,” the Ministry of Digitisation said, referring to the largest such incident in recent years, which resulted in nearly 70 government websites being blocked.

As a result of the attack, access to the Diia platform - the equivalent of the Polish mObywatel app - was also cut off. The malware was used to destroy data on infected devices, according to the Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center quoted by the ministry.

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Russian agents have already started fabricating Ukrainian provocations to justify Moscow’s intervention in Ukraine and to divide its citizens, a...

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Threat of a cyberattack

The ordinance was signed by the Prime Minister after the Critical Incidents Team held a meeting at the Government Center for Security, after consulting the minister of internal affairs and administration and the head of the Internal Security Agency. The ALFA-CRP alert level is introduced in the event of a terrorist threat that concerns the ICT systems of public administration bodies or systems that are part of the critical infrastructure.

Recently, the ALFA-CPR degree was in force during the UN Digital Summit in Katowice - IGF 2021 from December 6 to December 10.