Polish gas giant cuts prices for business sector

Photo: PAP arch.

Poland’s largest retailer of gas PGNiG has cut gas prices for business customers by 25 percent as of Friday, the company announced. The price reduction is to apply until the end of February, but PGNiG is monitoring the situation and “will react according to changes on the market.”

To take advantage of the discount does not require clients to take any action, including concluding additional agreements.

"The prices of gas fuel, taking into account the reduction, will be automatically included in the bills,” explained Paweł Majewski, the CEO of PGNiG.

The company is thoroughly analysing the market environment and will take further steps accordingly to changes, PGNiG said.

The cut for business is a response to the currently changing gas prices on the Polish Power Exchange, where the company is supplied.

"Although in December prices were at record levels and now they have dropped, the market situation is still very unstable and a return to the upward trend cannot be ruled out. That is why we decided to introduce a reduction, which will be a real help for entities such as bakeries, hairdressers or service companies,” said Henryk Mucha, the chairman of the PGNiG Retail Trade, a part of the PGNiG group.

Earlier this week Poland's government announced a new law to limit the impact of rising gas prices on public institutions such as hospitals.