Rock Rachon: merger of Poland’s fuel giants, CEE security affairs

Two largest energy companies in Central Europe have just signed a joint agreement with one of the world’s largest oil producers - Aramco from Saudi Arabia. This is the effect of a Lotos and PKN Orlen merger - Poland’s fuel giant and one of the country’s largest fuel distributors.

“It is a gamechanger for the Eastern and Central Europe,” Mariusz Marszałkowski, journalist, energy market analyst and Rock Rachon’s first guest, said, commenting on the matter.

As he pointed out, entrance on the European market by the Arabian company will stop Russia’s monopoly on it.

Eastern affairs

The programme’s second part concerned the security issue in Europe and the Kremlin's aggressive policy.

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Rock Rachon’s second guest - Tomasz Szatkowski, Poland’s Ambassador to NATO, pointed out that the Alliance’s policy is built on a strength of a deterrence posture and openness on the dialogue.

He stressed that the progress in talks with Russia “should only be possible in the atmosphere of de-escalation” of the country’s ongoing conflict with Ukraine.

The third part of the programme concerned the words of Jens Stoltenberg, NATO secretary general, who recently stated that there is a risk of a new armed conflict in Europe.

“We see the weakness of American diplomacy,” Jan Hernik, US policy analyst and the programme’s third guest, said, pointing out that the country does not take any actions regarding Ukraine and its struggles with Russia.

“It is outrageous that the Russian Federation actually tries to post any kind of demands,” he assessed.

The last guest on the show was Matthew Tyrmand who is a Polish-American economist, publicist and social activist, writing for “Do Rzeczy” and “Wprost” weeklies.