World News 13.01: Poland’s OSCE presidency, Belarus affairs, espionage threat

Poland inaugurating its OSCE presidency, NATO-Russia talks, the developments in Kazakhstan in Belarus, the energy policy of Germany as well as the growing threat of espionage from Russia, Iran and China were among the topics covered in the latest World News episode.

There has been no breakthrough in the OSCE Vienna talks with Russia as regards Ukraine, according to Polish foreign minister and chair of the OSCE, Zbigniew Rau. Poland took over the annual presidency as of January 1.

Despite the cold weather conditions, illegal migrants continue to attempt to cross the Belarusian-Polish border. The Polish Border Guard reported another 16 attempts to illegally enter Poland over the last 24 hours. 

Denmark has warned of the danger of growing espionage activity by China, Russia and Iran and is increasingly worrying the country's security services. The PET security and intelligence service issued a statement on the matter, highlighting numerous examples of spying on Denmark.

According to the US State Department, no one should be surprised if Russia starts spreading false information about talks with the US. On Wednesday, State Department spokesman Ned Price announced that the State Department “urges everyone not to be fooled by Moscow's continued disinformation.”

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