Poland condemns seizure of UAE cargo vessel Rawabi

Poland’s MFA condemned the kidnapping of the UAE cargo vessel Rawabi in the waters right off the Yemeni port of Al-Hudaydah that took place on January 3.

“Poland condemns the seizure of the UAE cargo vessel Rawabi that took place in the waters near the port of Al-Hudaydah at the beginning of January. We call for immediate release of the ship and its crew,” the statement published on Thursday read.

“Acts of piracy infringe the freedom of navigation, pose threat to the security of vessels and crews and constitute flagrant violation of international law,” the statement continues to read.

Kidnapped by Iran-backed Houthi militia, carrying medical equipment for a Saudi field hospital on Socotra Island, the United Arab Emirates-flagged cargo ship Rawabi was headed to the port of Jazan, as put by an Arab Coalition spokesperson.

The Arab Coalition demanded an immediate surrender of the ship from the Houthis, adding that it would go to any lengths to deal with the “piracy”.

Rawabi is an offshore supply ship built in 2016. Sailing under the flag of Tuvalu, it boasts a carrying capacity of 2200 t DWT. Her length overall is 64 meters and her width is 16.02 meters.

The development is one of a myriad of episodes in the Yemeni Civil War that has been devastating the country ever since September 16, 2014, bringing about famine, disease, suffering and death to its people.

The recent months showed clashes between the coalition and the Houthi militia flare up. As of late, on Sunday, coalition forces carried out air strikes on a total of four targets on Yemen’s capital Sanaa. The military said the targeted structures had been storage facilities for drones and launch pads.

On December 25, a coalition strike killed three members of the Iran-backed Houthi militia traveling in a military vehicle northwest of the city. A day earlier the coalition said a Houthi projectile that hit the Saudi city of Jazan resulted in two civilian casualties, namely a Saudi national and a Yemeni resident.

Pushing on their offensive on the strategically-important city of Marib, the Houthis have ramped up drone and missile attacks on Saudi Arabia.