Rock Rachon: US-Russia talks

The first round of talks between the US and Russia, concerning the recent buildup of Russian forces near the country’s border with Ukraine, has ended. As many point out, the Ukrainian issue is just a pretext, as Russia’s long-term goals assume forcing the West to withdraw from eastern Europe and allow the Kremlin to expand its sphere of influence.

US ‘quietly’ approves aid package for Ukraine: report

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“He is an invader,” Dr Jake Jacobs - teacher, historian and Rock Rachon’s first guest, said, commenting on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s policy. He pointed out that the Kremlin has been at war since the illegal annexation of the Crimea in 2014 and stressed that the president is responsible for the deaths of approximately 14,000 Ukrainians as a result of the ongoing conflict.

“The last thing Vladimir Putin wants is a democracy in Ukraine,” the expert emphasised, adding that the Russian head of state “would do whatever it takes to make sure that Ukraine never goes the route of democracy.”

According to the programme’s second guest - Tomasz Grzywaczewski, lawyer and journalist, Moscow is now “absolutely focused on trying to set a bilateral format of negotiations with the US.”

As he pointed out, the Kremlin is pursuing its goal, ignoring the EU on its way.

“Europe is totally absent right now,” he stressed, explaining that Russia “does not consider the EU a reliable partner for discussing the new world order.”

The last guest on the show was Matthew Tyrmand who is a Polish-American economist, publicist and social activist, writing for “Do Rzeczy” and “Wprost” weeklies.