Turn on Polish Television to get insight into collapse of USSR

On Tuesday, January 11, the Polish Television TVP will broadcast a special edition of the programme "What Next?" which will provide an insight into the events accompanying the collapse of the Soviet Union, known as the Autumn of Nations in 1989, and to understand its consequences in the former union republics and countries after political transformations.

Apart from Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania and Latvia were also involved in the implementation of the programme.

The special episode of the programme entitled: "The Soviet Union - Corpse or Phantom? 30 years later" will start on Tuesday, January 11 at 21:05 CET. It will be available on TVP World satellite channel and on the stream at tvpworld.com.

TVP will connect live with reporters abroad, and the invited guests, including witnesses of the discussed events. The programme will take a closer look at the process of regaining autonomy and its consequences, as well as present factual columns showing the collapse of the USSR from the point of view of the former Soviet Slavic and Baltic republics.

The programme's producers will also connect live with reporters in places where historical events took place, including the Lithuanian Parliament and the seat of the Lithuanian Radio and Television, where in 1991 a bloody clash of troops and the residents of Vilnius defending the TV station took place.

Among the guests invited to the debate will be current and former politicians, political scientists, publicists, activists and journalists from Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. Statements of, among others, Polish Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau, and the signatories of the Belovezh Accords that formally put an end to the Soviet Union will be displayed as well.