Germany forces Europe to conclude pact with Russia: German daily

photo: wikimedia commons/Dietmar Rabich

“The German government criticises the European Commission's (EC) stance on declaring nuclear energy 'green'. It Suggests that other EU countries should follow Germany's path and switch from nuclear energy to gas. This would make all of Europe dependent on Russian energy supplies,” The German daily “Die Welt” wrote on Wednesday.

Robert Habeck, the German Minister of Economy and Climate, was indignant on Saturday at the EU’s attempt to consider nuclear energy as ‘green’.

“It is difficult to understand such an assessment of the situation by the federal government,” the daily wrote, adding that “EC’s decision to promote gas as a bridge technology seems much more problematic, both from the point of view of climate policy and geopolitics, than the EU decision to favour nuclear energy.”

“Everyone knows that a climate compromise at European level is only possible if both competing pathways of climate change [gas and nuclear energy] are taken into account,” it pointed out.

According to Ralf Fuecks, an environmental expert, Germany has become even more dependent on Russian energy supplies by shutting down three more nuclear power plants on New Year's Eve.

“The abandonment of nuclear energy forces Germany to conclude a pact with Russia that harms the geopolitical interests of Europe, especially its eastern partners. The Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, which has been severely criticised by both the EC and the US, is an example of this,” he told the daily.