Putin builds tension to make West approve Nord Stream 2: expert

According to professor Zbigniew Krysiak from the Warsaw School of Economics, a Russian invasion of Ukraine is very unlikely, as the main goal for the Russian leader is to keep tensions around the Ukrainian border as a bargaining chip in terms of the opening of Nord Stream 2 (NS2).

“The main goal of his [Mr Putin] steps is to build the tension and take a goal in the form of North Stream 2 and in the long future start the operation, which is a very huge business for Russia, and for Germany as well,” the professor said in an interview with TVP World.

He added that “the plan of Putin is to just cut off Ukraine from gas … to conquer Ukraine in the form of dependence, economic dependence.”

The professor was also asked about Mr Putin’s talks with US President Joe Biden, “Apparently, Joe Biden has given Vladimir Putin a choice of two paths he can follow, one is a diplomatic route to a de-escalation of the conflict. And the other one is sanctions and stronger US presence amongst NATO troops on the eastern flank of the pact,” the economics expert emphasised.

Furthermore, Mr Krysiak stressed the importance of economic sanctions. He stated that harsh economic sanctions would cut Russia from the western market, capital flow and trade exchanges. However, Moscow would still have the option to trade with countries like China.

“Putin is aware that this [invasion of Ukraine] would bankrupt Russia,” the professor said. In his opinion an invasion would take a long time with the Ukrainian people prepared to fight for their country, even if Russia would cut gas supplies entirely.

“This is, I think, a long term strategy of Russia and I’m sorry, I have to say it, unfortunately Germany,” the professor said at the end of the interview. He added that this strategy revolves around a new division of influence, “especially economic influence on both sides.”

Germany aims to create a European super state and be “a main leader over the West European countries. On the other hand, Russia is going to be the one who will be a leader over Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova, of course, not the Three Sees countries or middle European countries,” the expert concluded.