20 years since legendary frontman of Republika’s death

December 22, 2021 marks the 20th year since the death of Grzegorz Ciechowski, the legendary artist and leader of Republika.

Grzegorz Ciechowski was born on August 29, 1957 in Tczew (Northern Poland). From an early age, he was interested in music, art and poetry. He played the piano and flute, among others.

After starting studies in Polish language and culture in Toruń (Northern Poland), in 1978 he joined the Res Publica band. In 1980, the group changed its name to Republika and soon became one of the most popular Polish bands of the 1980s.

The band debuted in April 1981 in the Toruń club - Od Nowa. In September 1982, they released their first album “New Situations”in March 1983. All compositions of the record were done by Ciechowski. November 1984, the equally popular album "Nieustanne tango" was released. After releasing a few singles, the band broke up in mid-1986.

Ciechowski started his solo activity as Obywatel G.C. Releasing the first solo album at the end of 1986.

The second album "Yes yes” (Tak tak) was recorded in the spring of 1988 and was a huge success with hits such as, "Don't ask about Poland" (Nie pytaj o Polskę). The album was also appreciated by the music press in the summary of the year.

The artist's last solo project involved music for the TV series “The Witcher” (Wiedźmin), released in 2001.

Grzegorz Ciechowski died on December 22, 2001 in Warsaw. He was buried at the Powązki Military Cemetery in Warsaw.

Interestingly, Grzegorz Ciechowski was the author of the soundtrack to the first TV series portraying the famous Witcher, based on the novels of Andrzej Sapkowski, that gave birth to the famous Witcher: Wild Hunt by CD Projekt.