Rock Rachon: ‘Security guarantees’ demanded by Russia

Last week, Russia presented “security guarantees” to NATO, which include blackmail indicating that if the organisation does not back down from its policy of eastward expansion, Moscow will continue its policy of escalating tensions on NATO’s eastern border.

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“All these demands are not surprising. They are a repetition and certain development of demands that Russia has been in some way raising for the last 20 years,” Witold Rodkiewicz, senior fellow at the Centre for Eastern Studies and Rock Rachon’s first guest said.

“The essence of these demands is… they were presented in order for them to be rejected,” he said, pointing out that their rejection would provide Russia with an alibi for further aggressive actions towards its Western neighbours.

The programme’s second guest, Robert Pszczel, former head of the NATO Information Office in Moscow, also pointed out that the Kremlin is fully aware that the conditions they present will not be accepted by the West.

“Russia is not offering anything in return,” he stressed, adding that the whole point of the Russian move is to divide the NATO member states by engaging them in a discussion on the demands.

During the interview with Maciej Kożuszek, a journalist and political commentator, who was Rock Rachon’s third guest, the topic of recent scandals in the EU, including corruption and influence peddling, was raised.

“The EU has a problem with accountability and the so-called democracy deficit,” he stressed, adding that people should have some kind of mechanisms of control over the politics they choose.

The programme’s final guest was Matthew Tyrmand - a Polish-American economist, publicist and social activist writing for “Do Rzeczy” and “Wprost” weeklies.