Rock Rachon: ETS a byword for coal tax put on EU citizens?

In this episode, Michał Rachoń tackles the ongoing debate on the inclusion of heating and transportation in the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) — which is something that Poland and Spain oppose. The episode also shows the ETS’ glaring resemblance of a taxing system on coal, where EU member states citizens are to bear the brunt of it.

The host of the programme argued that the cap put by the ETS in 2005 on the total amount of greenhouse gases companies could emit each year and a fixed number of allowances, which are the currency of the EU carbon market, are in fact a tax system, wherein which the cap acts as a price of tax imposed on individual countries and more specifically on the citizens of those countries.

Intrigued? Watch the whole episode above featuring guests including MEP, Former Minister of Latvia and economist Roberts Zile, MEP Daniel Freund, and journalist Matthew Tyrmand.