More than a bauble: Polish Christmas decorations taking world by storm

Multicoloured varnishes, glue, glitter, stones, rhinestones and even feathers - these are the materials that are used every year to decorate hand-made Christmas tree baubles in the factory in Piotrków Trybunalski, central Poland.

From January to the end of November, several hundred thousand pieces of multicoloured baubles were blown out, gilded and painted here. They made their way primarily to the foreign market, including stores in the US, France and Great Britain.

The pre-holiday season in the factory is a time when there is no mass production. Yet, there is no shortage of work. Just before Christmas, the decorators are already thinking about… the next year’s celebrations. New collections of Christmas Tree decorations are being prepared for the fair and customised collections for contractors.

What foreign buyers appreciate the most is the unique hand-made pattern of a bauble. The most valuable are those made to the client’s order. The Germans love landscapes. The Americans, Faberge style eggs, Santas, gifts and gingerbread.

They’re not cheap by any means, as much effort is spent in making them and decorating them by hand.