France will pay CJEU’s fines imposed on Poland if I win elections: Le Pen

Marine Le Pen, the leader of the French National Rally, has declared that if she wins next year’s presidential election in France, her country will pay the penalties imposed on Poland by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) for alleged “violations of the rule of law.” She also expressed her hope that together with the Law and Justice (PiS), a senior party in Poland’s ruling coalition, a joint faction would be created in the European Parliament (EP).

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In an interview with the “Rzeczpospolita” daily, the French politician emphasised that her party and PiS were united by the “idea that nations must remain sovereign and free at all costs.”

“We cannot accept the fact that without the consent of nations or even against them, attempts of blackmail and threats are made to impose a policy that is contrary to their interests. They are deprived of the ability to protect their own borders, preserve their identity, their own values, cultural codes, and customs,” she stressed.

She also expressed hope that during the ongoing term of the EP, the National Rally and PiS would form one grouping in Strasbourg.

“When we are divided, the European Commission (EC) shoots at each of us like a sniper... But when we unite, it will be much more difficult for them to do so,” she assessed.

She promised that if she manages to win next year’s presidential election in France, she would press the EC to unlock funds from the EU Recovery Fund for Poland.

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“And not only that. The CJEU imposed a daily fine on Poland of one million euro for breaking the rule of law. Well, France will pay this penalty for Poland! We are a net payer to the EU budget and we will deduct these costs from our overpayment,” she declared.

“France is the founding country of the Union - its heart. What power would a coalition of countries fighting to protect their own identity have if France joined them! That is why my victory is so important to the future of the entire community,” Ms Le Pen stressed.

When asked about the tense situation at the Ukrainian border with Russia, she assessed that Vladimir Putin would not decide to invade the country.

“I do not think Putin would make such a mistake... You can say what you want, but Ukraine belongs to Russia’s sphere of influence. By trying to breach this sphere of influence, tensions and fears are created, and you get to the situation we are witnessing today. We should all fight together against the real threat that looms over Europe - Islamism,” she emphasised.

When asked if Ukraine has the right to join NATO, she replied that “Turkey must be first moved out of it”, adding that in her opinion, the Alliance will not accept any new member in its current condition.