Winners of Public Media Awards 2021 announced

On Monday, the winners of the Public Media Awards 2021 were announced in the Warsaw headquarters of the Polish public broadcaster TVP. Elżbieta Jaworowicz, who has been associated with the TVP for nearly four decades, won in the “Image” category for “building ties with the viewer and her inspiring actions that enable people to effectively fight for their rights.”

Joanna Siedlecka won In the “Word” category for “the fight against a lie about the complicity of Poles in the Holocaust.”

In the “Music” category, Józef Skrzek, a pioneer of Polish progressive and electronic rock turned out to be a winner.

Piotr Semka, a historian, journalist and publicist of many media won in the “Idea” category.

“This award ceremony is a celebration of Polish culture,” Krzysztof Czabański, chairman of the National Media Council, said at the Monday gala, adding that it was “a tribute to Polish culture and its creators.”

Jacek Kurski, the TVP chairman, connected online with the gala participants. He emphasised that the mission of public media was to “show the truth about Poland and the world and to build the national community of Poles despite all the adversities.”

As he pointed out, the awards “are an expression of our gratitude and admiration, but even more an encouragement for further creative activity.”