Poland is a loyal and conscientious member of the EU and NATO: PM

“Last week, after a meeting with President Emmanuel Macron, I said to the French daily Le Figaro that Poland is a loyal and conscientious member of the European and transatlantic community,” Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki wrote on social media on Saturday.

He added that “we are doing our job - we are defending the eastern flank of NATO and the European Union. Poland is both pro-European and pro-American”.

In an earlier post published on Friday the head of the Polish parliament wrote that he “visited 11 countries in 6 days, talking to over a dozen of the most important EU leaders and politicians. The Law and Justice (PiS) government is doing everything to ensure the security of our eastern border, Poland and the entire European Union”.

The Prime Minister was referring to his meetings with government leaders in the UK, Germany, France, Slovenia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Croatia.

During these meetings Prime Minister Morawiecki discussed subjects related to national security, recent energy shortages, how to react to hybrid attacks from the Belarusian regime, the main reasons behind the Belarusian border crisis and how to prevent such crises from happening.