Polish parties seek consensus on COVID-19 pass for workplaces

Representatives of the Polish parliament met on Wednesday to discuss ways of introducing a Covid vaccination certificate requirement at places of work.

The meeting was organised by the speaker of the Lower House (Sejm), Elżbieta Witek.

The meeting, an unusual display of cross-party cooperation, was also attended by a Deputy Health Minister and experts from the prime minister's Medical Council.

Ms Witek said after the meeting that "there are common points that can be accepted."

However, the meeting was inconclusive, and politicians are due to debate potential measures at a second meeting, this time with Health Ministry officials.

"I think that on Friday we'll have information from Deputy Health Minister Waldemar Kraska as to where and how the meeting will be organised," Ms Witek said.

Unlike many other European countries, Poland has not introduced any regime for unvaccinated people yet.