COVID-19: Firms shift to social media, cloud services during pandemic: report

Almost half of Polish companies used social media to conduct business during the COVID-19 pandemic and almost one-third benefitted from cloud services, according to the latest report by Statistics Poland (GUS).

In 2021, as many as 45.6 percent of Polish companies were active in social media, which translates into 9 percentage points more than two years ago, while 28.7 percent benefitted from cloud services (4.3 percentage points more year on year.)

Social media was mainly used by large companies (77.7 percent). Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) were less keen to use such tools, with 42 percent and 57.9 percent, respectively, choosing to do so.

GUS also reported the increased use of other virtual services, such as clouds. In 2021, 18.7 percent of Polish companies used the Internet of Things (IoT). This share grew by 2.1 percentage points year on year.

The number of Polish households with access to the internet was increasing and, in 2021, the level rose to 92.4 percent (2.2 percentage points up year on year).

Moreover, GUS data reflected that there was also a slight increase in the number of people who do online shopping. In 2021, 61.2 percent of Poles bought something via the internet, while in 2020 60.9 percent did so.