Transatlantic community does not recognise Lukashenka as president: Poland’s FM

Taking part in Monday’s international videoconference on Belarus organised by Austria’s Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg, Poland’s FM Zbigniew Rau said that “as the transatlantic community, we do not recognise Alyaksandr Lukashenka as president and we should not do it in the future.”

“A recurrence to the previous state of affairs, just like was the case following the past so-called elections, is out of the question. The [Lukashenko] regime has become ever-more archaic and the [Belarusian] society ever-more determined. Our solidarity and resilience is a harbinger of victory for the Belarusians,” FM Rau said.

As the Polish MFA’s spokesperson Łukasz Jasina said in the ministry’s communique on the conference, the event’s goal was to “discuss possible solutions for ending the political crisis in Belarus, bringing about a dialogue between the authorities and the democratic opposition, and also turning Belarus back onto the democratic path.”

The communique said Minister Rau stressed that “the main goal of Poland and the EU is to support Belarus’ independence and sovereignty, the protection of Belarusian citizens’ rights, and also leading to the liberation of all political prisoners.”