By defending our border, we defend all of Europe: PM

“Migrants are used by Belarus as a weapon. And the target is Germany, France and the Netherlands. So by defending the Polish border, we defend all of Europe,” Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said in an interview with the German daily “Bild”. He expressed his hope that despite many clear provocations from the Belarusian services, they would not go “a step too far”.

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“We, Poles, are determined to protect our border, which is also the eastern border of Europe and NATO,” the head of the government emphasised. He added that defending borders is important because if we cannot stop thousands of migrants now, “soon hundreds of thousands or millions more” will come from Africa or the Middle East to Europe, especially Germany.

The Prime Minister stressed that when it comes to potential threats from Belarus and Russia, “nothing can be ruled out”. In his opinion, the next step in securing the Polish border would be triggering Article 4 of the NATO treaty in agreement with Latvia and Lithuania.

“[Alyaksandr] Lukashenka and [Vladimir] Putin are clearly pursuing a strategy of unrest and destabilisation of the West. We do not know what else they intend to do. It is possible that the border crisis is aimed at diverting attention from a new military attack Putin is preparing against Ukraine,” Prime Minister Morawiecki said. He expressed hope that the international pressure would take effect and that, in addition to the 20,000 migrants who came to Belarus, the influx of more will be stopped.

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The Prime Minister assured that the example of Poland shows that a sovereign state can and should successfully defend its borders. “The same is true for Europe: we must do everything we can to protect our borders in the Mediterranean and to the East from illegal immigration,” he added, emphasising that there are currently over 15,000 border guards, soldiers and police officers on Poland’s eastern border.

The head of the government also criticised Angela Merkel’s 2015 migration policy. In his opinion, “it threatened the sovereignty of many European countries”. He also criticised the outgoing German chancellor for having private conversations with Lukashenka, stressing that decisions on the matter cannot be made without Poland.

Concluding his interview, Mateusz Morawiecki talked about the newly built Nord Stream 2 pipeline. He said that NS2 would be one of the main issues in his conversations with the new German Chancellor. “Of course, Nord Stream 2 must be stopped,” the Prime Minister firmly stated.