Diplomats launch website documenting Polish memorial sites in Lithuania

Naszapamiec.pl (“Our Remembrance”), a website documenting Polish national memorial sites in Lithuania has been launched on the initiative of the Polish diplomatic mission in Vilnius. Almost 500 such places have already been catalogued in the portal’s repository.

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The presentation of the portal took place on Thursday evening at the House of Polish Culture in Vilnius during the celebration of Polish Independence Day.

“The website Naszapamiec.pl is intended to be a compendium of knowledge about the places of Polish national memory in Lithuania, and at the same time a guide for Poles from Lithuania, Poland and the whole world visiting these places,” wrote the description on the portal in the foreword of the Polish ambassador, Urszula Doroszewska.

“The Vilnius region and Lithuania are marked by many historical events, wars, fights for the independence of Poland, and earlier that of the Republic of Poland,” said Irmina Szmalec, head of the Consular Department of the Polish Embassy in Vilnius.

Unfortunately, many graves of famous and distinguished people have not survived to this day. In order to preserve the memory of the existing places, an initiative was launched a few years ago to catalogue Polish military cemeteries, soldiers’ graves and monuments.

“In our search, we relied on the reports of the local Polish community, local government employees, books and press materials,” Ms Szmalec added.

National memorial sites that have been placed on the portal are provided with a photo, a description of the place, the life story of the person who was buried here, and the location.

The website makes it possible to plan one’s own journey along the route of national memorials, which is to serve, among others, help for teachers and students planning a live history lesson. The information will be constantly updated as new data are obtained.

The Polish diplomatic mission appeals to Poles in Lithuania, Poland and the world to join the action of supplementing and verifying objects in the database of the website.