Western countries need to show unity amid migration crisis: official

The conflict on the border with Belarus is completely orchestrated by the Belarusian state and is a form of a retaliatory act against the European Union in reaction to sanctions imposed on Minsk, said Stanisław Żaryn, spokesman for the Minister-Coordinator of Special Services, in an interview for PolandIN.

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He pointed out that the Belarusians are making the conflict tenser by deploying new migrants on the border, including large groups that plan to leave the capital city of Minsk. In his opinion, these activities taken by Alyaksandr Lukashenka are only the beginning of the long-term crisis that will affect the entire border with Belarus.

The spokesman said that the Polish services have been on their guard when it comes to any acts of provocation and that Lukashenka would certainly welcome a confrontation between the Polish guards and the migrants, especially the one in which the firearms will be involved.

Mr Żaryn recalled that in early 2021, Minsk leader Alyaksandr Lukashenka publicly made it clear that the EU, in particular Poland, Lithuania and Latvia - states bordering Belarus - would be punished with the migratory crisis.

In the opinion of the spokesman, the “artificial” crisis on the border is a part of a very complex operation aimed at firing up tensions not only in the European community but also among NATO members.

However, the key player that has been pulling the strings in this situation is the Kremlin, which also wants to destabilise the EU, especially Central-Eastern Europe.

According to Mr Żaryn, Poland’s role is now to stop the wave of migrants in the border zone to show both Lukashenka and Vladimir Putin that their plans to trigger unrest in this part of Europe will be thwarted. At the same time, an international agreement as regards a common stance against the escalation attempts of Belarus and Russia also has to be reached as soon as possible.

“We are very glad that the European Union and NATO supported us recently, and this is also important to show that Western community is very united, seeing these Belarusian activities in the same way,” the spokesman said, adding that Poland has to send a clear message to the countries of origin of the migrants that not only were they deceived by Lukashenka, but also that “there is no easy way from Belarus to the west.”