Shots fired on Belarusian side of border: report

Reports are coming that Belarusian soldiers are firing in the air to scare off those migrants who tried to return to Belarus, wrote Tadeusz Giczan, the Belarusian opposition journalist who has been covering the situation on the border on Twitter.

Top authorities convene urgent conference on Belarus border crisis

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The journalist attached a short video from the border forest where shots are heard.

On Monday morning, the media reported about a large group of migrants heading towards the border with Poland. In the afternoon, the Ministry of the Interior and Administration announced that an attempted illegal crossing by a large group of people had been prevented. Further attempts to cross the border took place later on Monday, as recordings showed how a group of migrants destroyed the border fortifications, throwing logs on them.

Mr Giczan, who reports the situation on the border on an ongoing basis on his Twitter account, stressed that the Minsk regime deliberately provided false information about the migrants crossing the Polish border to encourage others to try their luck. He pointed out that photos and recordings presented in the regime media in Belarus showed migrants crossing the internal fence, still on the Belarusian side of the border, and not the one directly on the border.

Currently, this group of migrants is located in a narrow strip of Belarusian soil, right next to the border with Poland. “They are trapped, Belarus is unlikely to allow them to return,” the journalist noted.

Border crisis ‘a test for entire political class’, Sejm Speaker says

“Lukashenka has to take into account the consequences of his actions. The attack on the Polish border is an attack on the border of the European Union and a NATO member. Our allies have already unequivocally and solidly condemned this aggression and called for an end to it,” said the Sejm Speaker Elżbieta Witek in a Monday address.

She stated that "the situation we are facing is a test for the entire political class, all circles in the Polish parliament"

“There are moments in the life of our nation where we must forget about political interests, animosities, disputes and, in a spirit of unity and solidarity, look after the interests of our country. We must jointly take care of Poland's sovereignty. The safety of Poles is our common and most important responsibility. In the face of an external threat, only this matters,” Ms Witek said.