LOT airlines file lawsuit against Boeing

Polish national Airlines (LOT) filed a lawsuit in Seattle, Washington, north-west US, against Boeing company. The Polish carrier demands PLN 1 billion (EUR 217 mln) in compensation for the grounding of several planes produced by the American enterprise.

We will be making financial claims against Boeing: Head of LOT

Polish national Airlines (LOT) suffered heavy losses following the grounding of Boeing 737 MAX planes. We are talking with the company, we will not...

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According to the Polish Press Agency the lawsuit was preceded by many months of settlement negotiations, which did not lead to a satisfactory outcome.

LOT has ordered a total of fifteen Boeing 737 MAX planes, with a listed value of USD 1.8 bn (EUR 1.55 bn). The first machines were delivered in December 2017.

Later on the planes were grounded by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) on March 12, 2019, following two accidents, one in Indonesia in October 2018 and another in Ethiopia in March 2019, killing 346 people in total.

The cause of these tragic events was the Manoeuvering Characteristics Augmentation System software (MCAS), which was to facilitate handling of the aircraft. The MCAS was guided by only one Angle of Attack sensor which was constantly triggered, suggesting the sensor was malfunctioning. This caused the aircraft to push its nose down repeatedly and eventually making it impossible to control.

LOT emphasised that due to the grounding of the planes, the operating costs of the carrier significantly increased. From March 2019 to March 2021 the machines remained out of service. In order to maintain the planned network of connections, the airliner was forced to replace the MAX planes, ten of which had to be leased out.

In March this year, after a two-year break, the Boeing 737 MAX, flew the first passenger flight from Warsaw to Oslo, inaugurating the return of the aircraft for LOT customers.