PM claims shutting down Turów would deprive millions Poles of electricity

It would be hard to imagine us changing our decision and suddenly shutting down 4 to 7 percent of our energy system, said Poland’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, referring to the decision by the European Commission on the shutting down of the Turów lignite mine.

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The European Commission has asked the Polish authorities to urgently provide proof of the halting of lignite mining in Turów, as ordered by the Court of Justice of the EU. In the absence of evidence of such a cessation, the EC will start issuing regular requests for fines, its spokesman Tim McPhie said on Tuesday.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki was asked during the Tuesday press conference at the Chancellery of the Prime Minister what the government’s response to this call would be.

“It would be hard to imagine that Poland, on command or upon the recommendation of a certain judge of the EU’s Court of Justice, would deprive dozens of thousands of its citizens of heat, thousands of workers of their jobs and millions of Poles of electricity,” PM Morawiecki stated.

The head of the government stressed that he would never let that happen and said that in this specific case, the EC decision was “far beyond acceptance” from the point of view of energy security.

“Winter is coming, and I hereby ask the court in Luxembourg: do you want people to get cold? Do you want them to be left without electricity?” he asked rhetorically.