Polish government undergoes ministerial changes

After many weeks of consultations, negotiations, rumours and unofficial claims, the reordering of the Polish government and the Council of the Ministers, has been completed. The official ceremony of handing over the nominations took place on Tuesday at the Presidential Palace.

Ruling party leader reveals name of new Minister of Sport

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The position of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development was assumed by Henryk Kowalczyk. Anna Moskwa took the position of Minister of Climate and Environment. Piotr Nowak became the Minister of Development and Technology. As the new Minister of Funds and Regional Policy, the Prime Minister proposed Grzegorz Puda, who stepped down as Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development. The new Sports and Tourism Ministry will be headed by Kamil Bortniczuk.

Henryk Kowalczyk has also stepped up to become a deputy Prime Minister. “Problems of agriculture, rural development, rural areas where more than 40 percent of our citizens live, work and study is such a key topic that I would like his rank to be as high as possible,” Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki explained earlier on Tuesday.

In regards to the establishment of the new Sports and Tourism Ministry, tourism was under the umbrella of the Development and Technology Ministry while Sport was subordinate to the Culture, National Heritage and Sports Ministry.

“In accordance with the provisions of the coalition agreement, the new Sports Ministry will continue all existing obligations of the Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Sports towards external entities, in particular regarding the preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics,” the Ministry wrote on their government website. The upcoming Olympic Games will take place in February 2022.