COVID-19: Temporary military hospital to reopen in Warsaw

Poland plans to increase the number of COVID-19 beds by 10,000 in the coming days and reopen a temporary military hospital at an air force base in Warsaw's Okęcie district, a Deputy Health Minister has announced.

“In agreement with the minister of defence, a decision was made to relaunch a temporary military hospital at the Okęcie military airport, the one which previously operated,” Waldemar Kraska told a private TV broadcaster Polsat on Monday.

He said that Poland has now 10,000 beds for COVID patients with 50 percent having been already occupied but 10,000 more will be added to this pool in the following days.

Mr Kraska added that subsequent temporary hospitals will also be launched "so that there is a sufficient number of beds for all patients.”

The Health Ministry said on Monday that the healthcare system was currently handling 5,042 COVID-19 hospitalisations, including 444 patients on ventilators.