Tourist records hair-raising rock avalanche in Tatra mountains

The environs of Tatra’s largest and most famous lake Morskie Oko were deafened by a crash of multiple rocks tumbling down the mountainside of the Mięguszowiecki Summits on Sunday.

Located on the Polish-Slovakian border, a group of three major summits known as the Mięguszowieckie Summits towers above the Morskie Oko lake — a very popular and intensely frequented tourist destination in one of Poland’s most recognisable and appreciated gems of nature — the Tatra National Park.

It is from the tops of the Summits that a flurry of rocks, some the size of cars, tumbled down. An awe-stricken tourist recorded the blood-freezing phenomenon from a safe distance. The thud and crash of the boulders were deafening, leaving behind a trail of dust clouds.

Some of the rocks rolled down towards the Czarny Staw pod Rysami (Black Lake below Mount Rysy), which is a mountain lake on the Polish side of Mount Rysy in the Tatra mountains. At 1,583 m above sea level, it overlooks the nearby lake of Morskie Oko.

The recording was first published by the Tatromaniak website.