COVID-19: Czech Republic changes its rules of entry

The Czech Ministry of Health decided on Friday that the conditions for entry to the country for people not vaccinated against COVID-19 will change from Monday. Poland, as well as Cyprus, the Netherlands and 12 other EU countries, will now be treated as one with a high degree of epidemic risk.

As a consequence of the introduced regulations, people who do not have vaccination certificates or have not suffered from COVID-19 in the last 180 days must undergo a PCR test for coronavirus no earlier than on the fifth day and no later than on the 14th day after their arrival in the Czech Republic. Until then, they must remain in self-isolation.

The latter condition was questioned on Friday by a court in Prague, which ruled that the Ministry of Health had no right to issue regulations mandating self-isolation, thus exceeding its powers. As a result, the self-isolation rules announced by the ministry will apply only until the end of October.

The Ministry of Health will also have to amend the obligation for travellers to complete an online arrival form. The administrative court in Prague decided on Wednesday that the ministry did not sufficiently justify this requirement and gave it until October 27 to amend the regulation.