No reason for EU to withhold money under National Recovery Plan: dep FM

There is no reason to withhold money under the National Recovery Plan (KPO) mechanism, said Deputy Foreign Minister Szymon Szynkowski vel Sęk on Friday. In his opinion, there is also no reason to link conditionality with the rule of law.

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Mr Szynkowski was asked on Friday in Polish Radio24 what would happen if the Court of Justice of the European Union links conditionality with the rule of law.

“In my opinion, in the current legal conditions, there is no basis for using financial resources as blackmail and drawing a conclusion that the financial interest of the EU is at risk due to reforms in the Polish justice system,” he replied.

“If someone proves to me that the impact of the Polish justice reform on the financial interest of the European Union is tangible and harmful, I will really be very obliged. In my opinion, such an argument cannot be made,” Mr Szynkowski vel Sęk added.

“It is sure taking longer than it should be. However, this money will go to us; sooner or later, it must reach us,” the deputy minister stated.

Yet, when asked when Poland could count on these funds, Mr Szynkowski vel Sęk admitted that he was unable to precisely predict it.

The adoption of the KPO plan by the European Commission is necessary for Poland to receive money from the Reconstruction Fund. Our country is to have around EUR 58 bn in grants and loans at its disposal. The conditionality mechanism makes it possible to withhold the payment of EU funds in the event of a threat to the EU’s financial interest, i.e. irregularities in the spending of EU funds.