Poland offers Germany cooperation in fight against smugglers of migrants

Poland's interior minister has sent a letter to his German counterpart urging joint action against criminal groups smuggling migrants over the Polish-German border.

In the letter to Horst Seehofer, Mariusz Kamiński offered the Germans assistance in the fight against organised crime, adding that Polish investigations had revealed that “many organisers of this criminal procedure are staying illegally on German territory.”

“We are ready to provide the specific findings to the German side,” he wrote, adding that “it is extremely important since Germany remains the target country for the majority of migrants.”

“The fruitfulness of our cooperation is shown by joint patrols conducted by officers from Polish-German units: in Świecko, in Ludwigsdorf (part of Gorlitz), and in Pomellen. Our security services have for years taken care of the security of residents in the borderlands,” the minister pointed out.