EP adopts resolution on Poland’s constitutional court ruling

On Thursday, the European Parliament adopted a resolution on the judgement of the Polish top court who ruled that EU law takes precedence over Polish laws only within the scope of delegated powers, expressing, among others, “deep regret for the unlawful decision of the Constitutional Court.”

The resolution was prepared by five factions in the European Parliament - European People’s Party, Socialists and Democrats, Greens, Renew Europe and the Left.

The EP expressed its “deep concern that this decision may constitute a dangerous precedent”. It draws attention to the growing challenges “posed by national constitutional courts and some politicians in this regard” and calls on the Member States to “respect the key role of the CJEU and adhere to its judgments”.

Furthermore, the resolution stated that its authors “regret the fact that the initiative to challenge the primacy of EU law over national legislation was taken by the current Polish prime minister”. They call it “a unilateral decision challenging the EU legal framework”.

The authors also expressed “appreciation to tens of thousands of Polish citizens for taking to the streets in peaceful mass protests, fighting for their rights and freedoms as European citizens”, and “share their desire for a strong democratic Poland at the heart of the European project”.