Every fourth Pole orders food delivery more often than before pandemic: study

The “Global eating, drinking and sustainability survey” conducted in Poland by ARC Rynek i Opinia found that every fourth Pole admits that he orders food delivered to his home more often than before the pandemic, with the average equivalent to EUR 19. Moreover, 21 percent of respondents visit fast food restaurants at least once a week, putting Poland in second place in Europe.

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The poll was created on the basis of an international survey of the IRiS network, which brings together independent research agencies from around the world. The study was conducted in 21 countries.

According to the survey 22 percent of Poles order food with home delivery at least once a week, which places us below the European average (25 pct). In Europe food is most often ordered for delivery in Greece, while in other countries, it is most often ordered for delivery in Indonesia and South Korea.

The authors of the study emphasised that the food delivery market has grown significantly in the last two years, which is related to the outbreak of the pandemic, and thus the closure of restaurants, bars and remote work.

“With the normalisation of the [COVID-19] pandemic, it can be expected that the use of the option of ordering meals with delivery will decrease naturally, but many people, for various reasons, have turned to this form of consumption. First of all, costs are important - eating in a restaurant is more expensive than ordering food, because in a restaurant, in addition to the meal, we also order drinks, sometimes dessert, and we pay a tip. Secondly, remote work - many people still work this way and ordering food is convenient for them. Thirdly - the popularisation of the use of ready meals by dietary catering,” Dr. Adam Czarnecki from ARC Rynek i Opinia said.

The survey found that pubs and bars where food can be ordered are slightly less popular than fast food restaurants with 15 percent of Poles going to such places at least once a week.

When planning a celebration of an important event, such as a birthday or anniversary, people from some countries are more likely to go to a restaurant, while others are more likely to stay at home and cook something special. The first group includes the Swiss, Austrians, Spaniards, Italians and South Koreans, while the second includes residents of Bolivia, Chile and Peru. Poles are not unanimous in this case - half of them would choose the first option and the other half the second.