Padel gains in popularity around world

At first glance, it looks like tennis, but there is more to it than just a similar ball. It also includes using walls, just like squash. Padel was invented in Mexico; however, it has gains in popularity worldwide - in Spain, it is the second most popular sports discipline, after football.

Usually, padel is played in doubles on an enclosed court a bit smaller than those used in tennis. As in Poland, more and more people fancy this sport, to the point that the event was added to the programme of the 2023 European Games. The tournament will take place in Kraków, southern Poland.

A tournament of the Polish Padel Federation took place in Warsaw during the weekend. The Poles who won the bronze medal at the European Championships in Bilbao, Spain took part in it. Mateusz Miroński, a member of the team, highlighted the fact that this was the first medal in Poland’s history in this discipline. Now they are preparing for the World Championship in Qatar. The first match will take place on November 15.