All Ms Dusza’s rosaries: 1,377 and counting

With a surname like that, Ms Mariola Dusza (meaning “soul” in Polish) is the best-suited person to not just own the largest collection of rosaries in Poland but also continue to expand it.

“The collection numbers exactly 1,376 rosaries… well, ok 1,377 including this one here that I made yesterday out of a bracelet of ambers,” said the inhabitant of Gogołowa, a town in the Silesia province, southern Poland. There are so many of them that the collection earned itself a certificate attesting that it is Poland’s largest. But the Silesian collector’s ambition by far exceeds the national boundaries.

“I would like to make it to the Guinness Records because I have got the chance to pull it off, because there is nothing around these lines of rosaries. They have got the most expensive rosary but not at all rosaries coming in such quantities,” she maintained.

However, being featured in the World Guinness Records Book is worth PLN 6,500 [EUR 1,418].

“Well, I do not really know where to get the money from. I will go places and ask around for a dotation of some sort,” said the collector.

Ms Dusza bought her first rosary in 2003. The collection has been growing ever since. All of the rosaries are scrutinously described in a total of seven 300-pages-long notebooks. Each of the rosaries is listed under a particular category, for instance, “With an image of Saint John Paul II”.

Interestingly enough, the largest rosary in Ms Dusza’s trove consists of 545 beads.

With such a rosary, a chaplet surely will be heard.