Poland will not yield in fundamental matters: ruling party head

In a yet to be released interview with the Sieci weekly, the head of the ruling Law and Justice party, Jarosław Kaczyński, has shared his views on Brussel’s conflict with Warsaw, the urgency of securing Poland’s eastern border against illegal migration and the need to strengthen Poland’s armed forces in order to deter those who harbor plans against the country.

“We will not succumb to any blackmail; we fight hard and we will not yield in matters that are fundamental for the state and Poles. Our goals are unchanged but we can choose different methods,” said Jarosław Kaczyński, deputy prime minister and chairman of the Law and Justice party in an interview that will be published on Monday.

In the fragments of the interview that have been released, the party leader says that the government knows that politics consists, among other things, of the ability to get out of difficult situations, and the road to accomplish this is not always easy.

“We are defending Polish sovereignty, we are also defending Poland’s rights in the European Union, because they are now being blatantly and illegally undermined in violation of the treaties,” he said.

Commenting on the attempt of the Belarusian regime to open a new migration Europe for illegal migrants from Africa and the Middle East to Europe, through Belarus and Poland, Mr Kaczyński stressed that “we will defend the Polish border, this is why we are building a security barrier” on the border with Belarus.

“Nobody in their right mind can fail to see that this is in fact a kind of aggression, a form of hybrid war, and that we have the right to defend ourselves,” Mr Kaczyński said. He warned that if Poland did not defend itself, “the only effect would be to exacerbate the crisis, bringing thousands more migrants to our border”.

He pointed out that the Belarusian actions are dictated by the fact that Belarusian President Alyaksandr Lukashenka wants to force “us, but in fact on the entire EU, into submission, into recognition of his power and into giving up our support for the Belarusian people who are fighting for their freedom".

The Belarusian president launched a crackdown on the country’s democratic movement following what is widely thought to have been a falsified presidential election last August.

“Both he and Putin, who stands behind him, are panically afraid of what they call colour revolutions. It is also possible that this attack is part of a broader offensive against the West in the style of what was done to Ukraine,” Kaczyński said.

The leader of the ruling party also spoke about the need for Poland to take countermeasures against those powers who wish it ill.

“The forces, which have some kind of plans against Poland, must know that it will not be easy with us, that we treat our border, our statehood and our freedom very, very seriously,” he stated.

“Therefore, we will soon present a plan for a very serious strengthening of the Polish armed forces,” Mr Kaczyński announced.