Jeremy Clarkson chooses Poland as best place to hypothetically move in

Jeremy Clarkson, a former host of the legendary automotive show “Top Gear”, castigates in his latest “The Times” column the current situation in Great Britain. At the same time, his observations led him to the conclusion that the best place to move in would be Poland.

In his cynical style, the journalist pointed out that the UK is on the way to become “a third world country,” full of misery and shattered ambitions of carbon neutrality. He condemns the attitude of the British people, who have become over-demanding and indolent.

Famous for his sharp tongue, Mr Clarkson made an overview of potential relocation sites. He rejected Australia, America, Italy, Spain and Greece, due to more or less humorous reasons.

However, he pointed to an Eastern European country where “everyone would be happy,” more specifically, Poland.

Jeremy Clarkson suggested that instead of complaining that all truck drivers and builders have returned to Poland, maybe the reasonable option, having “well-built houses” and “regular suppliers of toilet paper,” would be living in that country, considering much lower living costs in Poland.

He also praised Poles for their sense of humour, highlighting that they can laugh at themselves and like jokes, “especially about the Germans.”

In his opinion, no matter the political correctness, Poland, due to its low ethnical diversity, would be a perfect place for Brexit supporters. The British journalist also praised… the beauty of Polish women.