French politician backs Poland’s court ruling over constitution prevalence

Valérie Pécresse, the president of the region of Île-de-France, who is running for the nomination of the liberal-conservative Les Républicains in the upcoming presidential elections backed the ruling of Poland’s Constitutional Court, who stated that the country’s constitution took precedence over the EU law.

Candidate for French president post backs Poland as regards top court ruling

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She is another French politician who has recently shared positive opinions on the verdict of the Polish top court, after a journalist and another presidential candidate Eric Zemmour and former EU commissioner Michel Barnier.

“Europe is the Europe of nations,” Ms Pécresse said on Wednesday in an appearance on CNews. “This means that our constitutional rights and identity, each of them in each sovereign state, must take precedence over European jurisdiction,” she added.

Another presidential candidate, former minister Arnaud Montebourg, a socialist, also supported the ruling of the Constitutional Court.

“The confirmation of national sovereignty in the Polish legal system is an important event. France, differing from Poland in terms of political sympathies, will have to carry out the same process of confirming the superiority of its law over European decisions as well,” Mr Montebourg said in a statement quoted by Politico.

A recent Eurobarometer poll showed that only 36 percent of French people say they trust the European Union. This was the lowest percentage among the member states and 13 percentage points below the EU average.

In turn, Rym Momtaz, a journalist of the portal belonging to the Axel Springer SE, blamed the Polish top court for the anti-EU outburst in France, as the ruling allegedly “questioned the legal basis of the European Union”.

‘Before the upcoming presidential elections, French politicians launched a crazy attack on the EU. The harsh criticism of the EU and calls for France to secure national sovereignty come not only from the usual suspects from the extreme right, but from presidential candidates who are part of the country's main political stream,” reads the article entitled: “With a push from Poland, French politicians line up to bash the EU”.

“The European Commission has made it clear that EU law takes precedence over national law, including national constitutions," stated the author.