Survey shows 42.6 pct of Poles support a referendum on EU membership

A survey conducted by SWR shows that 42.6 percent of Poles back a referendum on their country’s continued membership in the European Union.

The study, commissioned by the web portal also showed that 36.9 percent of the respondents were against such a vote, while 20.5 percent were undecided.

The poll was made in the context of the ongoing conflict between Brussels and Warsaw on a number of issues, lately centred on whether the Polish constitution holds primacy EU law as the Polish Constitutional Tribunal recently ruled.

The people polled were asked whether in their opinion - due to the conflict between the Polish government and the European Commission - another referendum should be held on Poland's membership in the EU. They were also asked how they would vote in such a referendum if it took place

According to the poll, 64.4 percent of the respondents who stated they would take part in such a referendum would support Poland remaining in the EU, 14.8 percent would vote for a “Polexit”, while 14.1 percent said they are unsure how they would vote in such a scenario. 6.7 percent answered that they would not take part in a referendum on Poland’s EU membership.

The study was conducted on a group of 800 people from October 12-13, 2021.