Warsaw University of Technology develops vehicle for crisis situations

Researchers from the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology at the Warsaw University of Technology (PW) have developed a prototype of a vehicle called “Mobile Point of Data Communication Infrastructure (MPDIT)”. The vehicle will be indispensable in the work of services everywhere where a critical situation may potentially take place or has already taken place. This includes natural disasters, floods, fires, mass events, large search and rescue actions or even terrorist attacks, the university announced.

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From the outside, MPDIT looks like a typical bus, but inside there is highly specialised equipment that enables communication under all conditions, integrates and manages various means of communication - digital communication (sound, image, data stream). This allows for efficient planning and command of rescue operations, especially command of patrols operating in difficult and extensive terrain.

“The innovative ICT solutions we have applied allow us to maintain the local communication structure without external power sources,” explains Dr Grzegorz Kasprowicz of PW.

“This is of particular importance during natural disasters, when the mobile network stops working. What is more, the technology we have developed does not only transmit signals, but also facilitates their integration and interpretation,” he emphasised.

It makes it possible to receive an image, for instance transmitted by foot patrols. It is also possible to use information, for instance from police databases on wanted or dangerous persons.

The vehicle has a number of useful functionalities such as the immediate construction of a uniform Wi-Fi network, the ability to transmit content in the form of audio and video streams, fast PTT (Push To Talk) communication and many more.

“Our solutions are characterised by modular construction,” stated Dr Kasprowicz.

“This allows for any teletechnical configuration, i.e. quick adaptation of the equipment and communication channels to the needs. Different solutions are expected by policemen searching for missing persons, other by firemen fighting with fires, and yet others by managers of public services forces during protection and security of mass events,” he pointed out

Although the proposed solution is prepared in the form of a prototype, it may soon find application in real conditions thanks to close cooperation with the Polish police, among others. Currently, field tests of the vehicle are being conducted according to scenarios of various services. The vehicle, together with its equipment and software, was developed as part of a project co-financed by the National Centre for Research and Development.