Two Belsat reporters receive title of Journalists of the Year

Darya Chultsova and Katsyaryna Andreyeva from Belsat TV, who were sentenced to two years in a penal labour colony. Both journalists were appreciated by the PRIX Europa who awarded them the title of “Journalists of the Year”.

The award is given to those journalists, who decide to step out of their comfort zone, show courage and have an influence on their community and recipients. Just like Andreyeva, a correspondent for the Poland-based independent broadcaster Belsat TV, and Chultsova - camera operator for the outlet.

Journalists have been reporting on the protests after the assassination of an opposition member, Raman Bandarenko and demonstrations taking place after the allegedly rigged 2020 presidential elections in Belarus.

It was the Polish Public Television TVP, of which Belsat TV is a part of, that submitted their candidacy for the award. Around 200 journalists and media sector employees from Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine and Belarus signed the award submission form.

Belarusian human rights watchdogs recognised Darya Chultsova and Katsyaryna Andreyeva as political prisoners.